Total lockdown in Panama

Total lock-down. We are in our second month of one of the most restrictive quarantine regimes in the Western Hemisphere. Though home-bound, our ministry has not abated; rather we find ourselves catching up on projects and preparing for upcoming field work, all the while managing a delicate balance between work and family needs. We liken this season to a months-long journey aboard a sailboat on the high seas. Responsibilities continue onboard; our ship is in constant need of maintenance — as are we. Jesus, our Captain, is our daily direction; and He rules the “seas” over which we sail. Rumors of an end to the quarantine are like reports of land just over the horizon. We cannot yet see it, though we believe He will guide us through safe and well. In this unprecedented time God gives our family opportunities like never before to trust in Him. And for this we are thankful. So, whether seemingly tossed by raging seas, or set adrift in the doldrums, we trust in our Captain. No matter the circumstances, He never changes. And to Him we give glory!

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