Total lockdown in Panama

Total lock-down. We are in our second month of one of the most restrictive quarantine regimes in the Western Hemisphere. Though home-bound, our ministry has not abated; rather we find ourselves catching up on projects and preparing for upcoming field work, all the while managing a delicate balance between work and family needs. We liken this season to a months-long journey aboard a sailboat on the high seas. Responsibilities continue onboard; our ship is in… Continue reading

“Ides of March” upon us

As lockdown measures were announced here in Panama, I for some reason recalled the famous line by Shakespeare, “Beware the ides of March.” I must say, the timing is interesting. We know that in all circumstances the Lord is faithful. Not knowing where this crisis we now find ourselves in will lead, we are thankful for some very productive months leading to this new season under lockdown. In January, February and early March, Drake and other… Continue reading

Refugee camps in the Darien jungle of Panama

In the Darien jungle of eastern Panama along the Colombian border, we have been developing a relationship with a ministry that equips indigenous missionaries with valuable skills that include how to install off-grid sanitation, water access/filtration systems, and other appropriate engineering know-how. Having the ability to conduct such projects can greatly increase the chance of a missionary being granted access to communities that may otherwise remain off-limits to outsiders. For our friends in this ministry it… Continue reading