Colombia’s Unreached Tribes

In Colombia have the pleasure of working alongside a special movement of exclusively Amazonian tribal Christian leaders known as LICAC (Indigenous Christian Leaders of the Colombian Amazon) as they prepare and mobilize missionaries from their churches to go and engage some of that country’s most inaccessible tribes with the gospel. The map below is an initial overview of Colombia’s unreached jungle tribes. As their work progresses to the expeditionary phase I will facilitate them by providing research and mapping support at greater levels of detail to indicate the locations of such features as rivers, villages, airstrips, and other useful navigational aids. We will also deploys field surveys that I designed with our ALTECO-Colombia team for the purpose of ascertaining key insights for how to effectively engage these tribes with the gospel. 

For more information about Colombia’s People Groups, please visit this page I created in Etnopedia. I am grateful for the financial support I receive which allows me to allocate time to such important, yet time-intensive projects!

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