Mapping the Tribes of Zambia for Gospelink

I recently had the opportunity to map the tribal divisions of each of Zambia’s 73 indigenous tribes across its 10 provinces. The purpose of the map was to identify the locations of Gospelink-sponsored National Preachers in relation to the tribes they have immediate or potential access to. This was not an easy endeavor by any stretch, given many sources with incomplete or discrepant data. Once completed, this map was used by the Gospelink team in Zambia to encourage indigenous ministry leaders and challenge them to consider underserved areas of the country and people groups.

My experience in Zambia helped me understand the unique tribal context of that country, useful in the mapping process. Fortunately, Zambia’s tribes live in relative peace to one another. Despite this, reluctance to minister cross-culturally across tribal lines can result in some people groups having having greater access the Gospel and opportunities to be discipled.

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