Mapping the People Groups of Cambodia

This map is the product of research I conducted to identify and locate Cambodia’s Unreached People Groups (UPGs) for the purpose of providing a country-wide overview for a network of indigenous Cambodian church planting missionaries. I have traveled previously through Cambodia, and expect to revisit again soon as I work through Gospelink to develop a research strategy for these missionaries.

Cambodia’s population is estimated at almost 17 million of which there are between 18-23 indigenous People Groups. Of these 10-13 are unreached with the gospel. The ethnic Khmer people, representing most of the red areas of the map, are by far Cambodia’s largest People Group, comprising about 96% of the country’s total population. The Khmer also happen to be the country’s largest UPG.

Visit the Etnopedia-Cambodia page to learn more about this country’s People Groups.

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