The People Groups of Nepal

Nepal is a country as varied ethnoliguistically as it is geographically. With an estimated population of over 30 million, it is home to hundreds of indigenous People Groups, most of whom are unreached with the gospel. I began my research into Nepal’s People Groups a decade ago as part of a larger project through Etnopedia which can be viewed at the Etnopedia Nepal page (a work in progress). As my research focus for the last 10 years has been on that of Amazonian People Groups, much of the work concerning Nepal had to be placed on hold. I have recently been provided an opportunity to directly facilitate the work of indigenous frontier missionaries in Nepal by continuing this investigative work. Most recently, I have dug into the latest census reports and other open-source information to analyze and map the locations of the greatest concentrations of Unreached People Groups (UPG) across the country. The screenshot below illustrates part of this process, in this case showing the concentrations of a single UGP in a relatively small region of the country. This work is extremely time intensive, and I am grateful for the gift of financial support that allows me to allocate the required time and resources to do this.

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