Mapping the People Groups of Mozambique

For the last ten years, my focus has been to help missionaries in South America leverage research as a practical tool for ministry planning and outreach in the most remote and difficult to access regions of the Amazon jungle. While that focus has not changed, now that I also serve with Gospelink, the scope this work extends worldwide.

A country of over 31 million, the Republic of Mozambique is located in southeastern Africa. As the Gospelink ministry is active and growing there, I created this map to illustrate the locations of that country’s indigenous Unreached People Groups, of which there are 46, in context of its geography. According to the data from a variety of sources including Etnopedia,, and Joshua Project, of Mozambique’s 46 indigenous People Groups, 22 are unreached, 14 are experiencing some degree of progress in accessing the gospel, while 10 are believed to have mature, professing evangelical Christians consisting of over 2% of their overall population as a People Group. As we develop our ministry network there, we will be able to define in greater detail the realities on the ground, in much the way we have been doing through our networks of indigenous missionaries in South America.

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